About our Board:

We are a group of parent volunteers who are caring, positive, passionate, genuine, and trustworthy.  We always want what is best for our young athletes, their future, and the organization as a whole.  We address conflict resolution pragmatically and without emotional influence.  We solve problems by taking the initiative through creativity and resourcefulness.  We work as a team, we contend as a team, and we advocate as a team.

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Name: Ryan Horman
Position: President
Name: Mike Milani
Position: Vice President
Name: Brittany McRae
Position: Treasurer
Name: Claire Lakin
Position: Secretary
Name: Bob Coutinho
Position: Equipment Director
Name: Tim Galuza
Position: Flag Director
Name: Ashley Nicol
Position: Cheer Director
Name: Tabitha McFall
Position: Assistant Cheer Director
Name: Jenn Russo
Position: Publicity Director
Name: Patricia Gilcoine
Position: Fundraising Director
Name: Vanessa Ashton
Position: Assistant Fundraising Director